Here is my farewell to you. I regret that it’s taken me so long to type this. On my way to drop a friend off tonight, I was forced to drive by your house. The house where I spent an entire year eagerly awaiting waking up beside you mid afternoon to work on whatever projects you were fixated upon. Waking up to as the afternoon crept through the windows to coffee, chain smoking, Johnny Cash, and schematics of Tessla Coils were a familiarity of my past summer, What a humid summer it was as we build circuits hours after hours. After several months we built 5 Tessla Coils, all of which functional… I loved to watch you work. It was as if watching a genius at his prime. I could not help but to be inspired. 

But, I’ve got to let you go and I know that the white car parked behind you is what you need for the time being. But I will never forget how low your eyes looked when I said goodbye.

I’ve got to say goodbye to you forever. You are not healthy for me and as much as I regret this decision, I’ve got to let you go both physically and emotionally. You were not right for me as a partner in the long term, but you have taught me so much that I will carry with me forever. I will be left with the intrigue for science and the fascination of the unknown. Unfortunately, I will be left with the scars inflicted upon me as a result. 

As I say farewell to you, I know it will open up doors towards better things to come.


I got takeout Chinese food last night while preparing for today’s posts.  This chart ensued. -Will
Living Alone.

I’ve been living solo since August now. At first I was a bit antsy about the idea of being by myself and of the concept of becoming complement with silence/solitude. Being alone with myself and everything that I would be forced to deal with without the influence of others was initially terrifying. Especially without having cable, internet, or a descent job at first.

But I have grown to love living alone and actually look forwards to nights in. I feel so fortunate to have this oppurtunity. It’s amazing to know that everything around me is my own and is a representation of my own existence. After I left home for college, I have lived with 14 different people. While this is fascinating and I’ve learned so much from becoming so close to others (and often strangers), it has given me such an appreciation towards independence. It’s such a relieving feeling to no longer have the burden of roommates (what they’re doing, what they’re feeling, and when they might pop in with who-knows-who or whatever haphazard drama). Being alone has become almost too comfortable. The more people I talk to about it either feel the same or resent being alone due to forced circumstances (divorce, relocating, widowing, etc.). Either way, at the end of the day you are left to the solitude of your own being and the sense of comfort instilled upon the dependance of yourself. Why not embrace this?

The view from my window is so beautiful